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How To Get A Custody Or Support Court Order Modification

A child custody and support order (also known as a possession and access order in Texas) may appear final, but life does not stand still where families are concerned — including divorced parents and children. Changing circumstances often necessitate a change in the original court order. Do you need to ask a Texas family law judge to modify your child custody arrangements for one or more of these reasons?

  • One or both parents have had job changes and the existing custody order does not work with new schedules.
  • One parent’s difficulties such as drug dependency or domestic abuse in the home may lead the other to ask for supervised custody.
  • One or both parents may have much higher or lower expenses or income than when the original court order was issued.
  • An injury or other special needs of a child (or parent[s]) may mean a change in the custody and/or support order is essential — for example, to accommodate therapy needs.
  • One or both parents need to move for work, education or family reasons and the relocation will require a significantly reconfigured custody and visitation arrangement.

Every family brings unique factors to the table, and family law courts see many modification cases every year. The legal standard triggering a modification is described as a “material and substantial change in circumstances.” As you imagine the ideal resolution that you hope for, remember that the family law judge will keep your child’s or children’s best interests at the forefront.

Proceed With Caution And Get Proper Legal Advice In A Timely Manner

If you are the custodial parent most of the time and want to move away, but the other parent objects, a family law judge may reconsider the existing custody order. You may have difficult choices to make to prevent an outcome contrary to what you believe is best for your child[ren] and yourself. Before taking irrevocable actions such as moving away with your child[ren], consult with a knowledgeable family law attorney.

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