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A Family Law Firm Focused On Meeting Clients’ Needs

It can be difficult finding a family law attorney who is right for you. You may not know what qualities to look for or what makes for a well-equipped lawyer. Fortunately, you have found the Texas firm that will take care of you and has the experience needed to get your case to where it needs to be. At McNeill Law Firm, I will not make you wait or pass you along to a paralegal. Each one of my clients is treated with respect and know that their case is a top priority.

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I Want You To Be Comfortable When Sharing Your Story

I know how challenging it can be to bring a third person into your family’s personal lives. However, I will never pass judgment on you. It is critical that you feel valued and that you can speak freely in my office. I will take the time to memorize the facts of your case. My staff knows how important your case is and how it will affect your life. We will do everything we can to be there and stand up for your rights as a parent or divorcee.

Financial Difficulties Should Not Deter You From Seeking Representation

I will not pressure you into signing an agreement you are not comfortable with or ask you to pay exorbitant fees. No matter your financial situation, you deserve representation. As such, I am willing to work with you to make financial arrangements. I know how stressful family matters can be and the impact it is already having on your daily life. I do not want the cost of attorneys’ fees to add to that stress.

Call For A Initial Consultation

Whether you are facing a child support, child custody, divorce or other family law matter, I will help you to overcome barriers to obtaining the best possible outcome. You can reach me directly by calling 817-381-9333 or sending me a confidential email to meet with me at my Weatherford office for an affordable fee.