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Child Custody

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A parent’s relationship with their child is sacred. I know how important it is to preserve the relationship you have with your own child. However, if you are not living with your child’s other parent, you must work with them to reach a custody decision. Custody decisions can be reached in private forums such as mediation or in formal court proceedings if parents cannot agree. At every stage of the custody determination process, you need a family law attorney who knows what your rights are to your child and does not overlook any detail.

At McNeill Law Firm, I know what your rights are. I became a lawyer because I want to help Texas parents like you who are in need. I do not want you to miss out on valuable time with your children because you cannot afford attorney’s fees. We will make financial arrangements to ensure that you can afford quality representation.

Understand How Custody And Visitation Are Defined

Child custody and visitation are legally described as “possession and access” in Texas family law statutes. If you are the primary custodial parent, you may house or possess your children most of the time. If you are the parent who sees your children less often, they may visit you on weekends and some weeknights. The other parent is responsible for allowing you access to your children according to the custody and visitation order.

Each legal child custody arrangement may be unique. Your case may result in primary conservatorship (custody most of the time) or a secondary one. A judge may name both parents as joint managing conservators. As part of a divorce or a stand-alone custody case, specifics will be spelled out in a court order. A child support order is normally determined through application of a state formula. There may be reasons to ask a family law court to deviate from the formula.

Time With Your Child Is Irreplaceable. Fight For It.

I am eager to hear what your special challenges are. Your children’s best interests and your legal standing in the parenting plan are the primary concerns. I am prepared to fight for these principles on your behalf in Fort Worth courts. Learn what else you need to know by calling 817-381-9333 or sending an email inquiry.