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Child Support

A Seasoned Advocate For Parents Facing Child Support Issues

Child support can be a difficult topic for parents to discuss. You and your child’s other parent may be unable to reach an agreement on payment amounts and schedules. In that case, it may be time to head to court. At McNeill Law Firm, I have represented countless parents in child support-related matters. I am well-versed in Weatherford family law courts and familiar with local judges. Whether you will be the payer or payee, I want to do my part to establish payments that are fair given your personal situation.

Calculating Child Support Payments

The first question I often get from clients is how much they can expect their payments to be. This is a tough question to answer as various factors determine the answer.

Child support payments in Texas are determined by things such as:

What Happens When Parents Do Not Pay Child Support?

If a judge orders you to pay child support and you do not make payments, you can be held in contempt of court. A warrant may be put out for your arrest. However, do not lose hope. You have the right to representation at the hearing. You can explain your side of the story and the reason you did not request a modification if you could not pay.

As your lawyer, I will gather concrete evidence to prove that you were not in a financial position to make payments. The judge will reach a decision after reviewing the evidence. They may order you to serve jail time or make the missed payments. They may also put a lien on your property or request that you post a cash bond to ensure you comply with the order. I will do what I can to generate a fair verdict and obtain the best possible outcome.

Call A Top Fort Worth Lawyer Before Going To Court

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