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Do Not Make The Divorce Harder Than It Has To Be

Divorce is common in our society, but it is rarely easy. Your divorce will be a life-changing event, and you deserve to understand all your legal options, opportunities and obligations. I am an experienced divorce lawyer in Parker County with a philosophy centered on clients’ individual needs. If you become a client of McNeill Law Firm, I am prepared to tailor my approach to your unique situation and objectives.

I Offer Flat-Rate Representation In Uncontested Divorces

I understand why many of my clients ask for predictable family law services when spouses agree on the terms of a divorce. I offer this type of representation when both sides are aligned, and there are no obstacles.

I Will Take Immediate Action In Case Of Domestic Violence

Perhaps you need a protection order right away to stop your spouse from raiding your joint assets or taking your children from your home. Your emergency will become mine, too, as I advise you on how we can take action right away to protect your rights. If time is of the essence, please call immediately today and learn how I can help.

I Help Divorcees To Resolve Simple And Complex Issues

You and your spouse may not be at war — but you disagree on the division of retirement funds, business assets or debts. You may face a high-asset divorce with much at stake. You need help protecting assets for your future. Or you may struggle with the nuts and bolts required to carry out a reasonable parenting plan in your children’s best interests.

Whatever your challenges, my experience and my passion for client-centered advocacy can serve you well. I am here to guide you along the legal path most likely to help you achieve your goals.

Protect Your Rights. Call A Lawyer Before Parting Ways.

For most people, divorce by definition entails loss and/or significant change that can be difficult to adjust to. If you are my client, I will do my best to keep you from feeling stressed or overwhelmed about legal processes and requirements. My goal is for you to emerge from your divorce ready for the next chapter of life. My clients come from throughout Parker County and the west Fort Worth area. To talk things over with me, an experienced divorce attorney in Weatherford, Texas, call 817-381-9333 or fill in the online intake form on this website.