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If I become your attorney, I will gear my approach to your goals and unique facts.

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Thank you for considering McNeill Law Firm as you look for the right lawyer to help you through the legal processes of your family law matter. I am attorney Anthony McNeill, and I welcome the opportunity to discuss your case with you. I entered the practice of law because I enjoy helping people put the law to work for them. I am confident I can help you solve the legal challenges in front of you.

From law offices in Weatherford, my firm serves clients throughout Parker and surrounding counties. Clients enjoy one-on-one, personalized legal counsel at all times. At your initial consultation, we can explore your needs and concerns for your personal injury case or family law matter. You can expect to take away a clearer understanding of the steps ahead of you toward resolution of your divorce, custody, modification, enforcement or another family legal issue.

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Handling A Range Of Family Law Issues

Most of my caseload focuses on divorce. I also advise and represent Texas residents in other family law matters. Child custody and support, prenuptial agreements, grandparents’ rights and many other legal issues can affect individuals and their families for years to come. This is why if you work with McNeill Law Firm, your goals will carry the most weight.

If I am your lawyer, I pledge to guide you cost-effectively, with your best interests at the forefront. I avoid creating problems that do not exist. At the same time, I am always vigilant about supporting my clients’ interests.