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How Can I Get A Court Order Enforced

The culmination of a divorce or child custody case is a court order but it may not be the end of the story. Life goes on and there is no guarantee that both parties will follow through with terms of the court order such as:

  • Providing access to children for visitation by the other parent
  • Paying correct amounts of child support, at the designated times
  • Covering a child or a former spouse with health insurance, per the divorce decree or custody order
  • Selling what was marital property after a divorce as ordered or signing a document the other person needs before selling property

Understand Your Options

Contact an attorney to learn about ways to enforce a divorce decree or child custody and support order. I am Anthony McNeill, an experienced and dedicated family law attorney with offices in Weatherford, serving Parker County, west Fort Worth and surrounding areas. I am available to provide thoughtful analysis and recommend a plan for enforcement of your family’s custody or support order.

Even if your divorce decree states that your spouse is responsible for selling the marital home and dividing the proceeds within some period of time, the court order cannot force him or her to take action. Refusal to comply with possession and access of children (custody and support arrangements) is also serious, but it is often difficult or impossible to change a parent’s noncompliant behavior.

How Can You ‘Make’ The Other Party Comply?

In fact, there are a number of ways to compel the other party to obey a court order in a divorce or child custody case. I can explain the full gamut of methods that have worked in cases similar to yours. Then you can decide whether to follow through and hire me to pursue the relief you seek.

Negotiating can be the most satisfactory method when the other party is receptive. Ideally, the result will be compliance. Maybe the other side will press for a modified court order. If I am your lawyer, I can help you decide on a reasonable response to this or any proposal that can help resolve the problem. If the person on the other side simply will not cooperate, I can help you take appropriate legal action. With a credible and persuasive threat of consequences such as seizure of assets or even jail time, many people who have failed to comply with court orders finally do so. This may be what it takes in your case.

Let Me Help You Arrive At A Decision On The Right Legal Moves

Rest assured that I will not pressure you to move forward with any legal actions you do not feel comfortable with. However, understanding your options can bring peace of mind and the path to a workable strategy for resolution. Contact me. Let’s start looking over your case and determine the best way forward. Call 817-381-9333 or email McNeill Law Firm to schedule a consultation with a Texas divorce and child custody lawyer about enforcement of court orders.