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Do Not Overlook The Benefits Of Mediation

Are you and your child’s other parent struggling to reach a custody or child support agreement? Is your spouse challenging you on the terms of the divorce? If you are experiencing a family dispute that has become a legal matter, you do not always have to go to court to resolve these matters. In fact, many parents, divorcees and guardians turn to mediation to find common ground.

As a certified mediator and attorney, I have a full understanding of the mediation process and how it can help my clients. While I am ready and willing to go to bat for clients in front of a judge, I frequently suggest alternate dispute resolution forums — and there is a reason.

What Is Mediation And What Can It Do For You?

Mediation involves bringing in a third party who has been to facilitate communication between two people. In family law cases, each party has the right to be represented by a lawyer. In mediation, you will play an active role in decision-making.

Mediation is a popular choice to resolve family law disputes because it is:

  • Efficient – The entire mediation process is generally shorter than a litigated proceeding and can save time by resolving the matter outside of court.
  • Cost-effective – With court and attorneys’ fees, the expenses can add up fast when you take family law matters to court. Since mediation is generally faster, you can minimize the amount of money you are spending.
  • Private – Court proceedings are generally public, though there are exceptions. However, you can be certain that your conversations and negotiations will remain private by agreeing to mediate behind closed doors.

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