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I am family law attorney Anthony McNeill and I appreciate your interest in my Texas law firm. From offices in Aledo, I am available to serve clients throughout Parker County, west Fort Worth and nearby areas. Having practiced in law firms with other attorneys, I now focus my attention solely on my clients and their needs and goals.

If we work together, we should start by getting to know each other. With the foundation of a trusting relationship, we will be on the road to the resolutions you are looking for. For a preview, learn a bit about my background and qualifications through this link:

At McNeill Law Firm, you can count on straightforward information and advice as well as solutions that work. I may be able to help you resolve your family law matters through negotiations, compromise and/or mediation. Or you may require a more aggressive approach and even a trial. I am well-prepared and able to devise a workable strategy to suit your purposes. This is why I emphasize attorney-client trust and collaboration as the foundation of all counsel at McNeill Law Firm.

Your Perspective Is What Counts In Your Family Law Matter

Every client comes with unique life circumstances and objectives. I make it my policy to start from the point of each person's priorities. I supply focused legal education as necessary and together, we devise a strategy for sensible, effective resolution.

In all family law cases, I make sure clients understand their rights, the risks involved and the opportunities each path offers. If you and your spouse truly agree and if it is in your best interests to proceed with an uncontested divorce, I am here to guide you through the necessary processes. If, on the other hand, you face a contentious divorce and/or child custody battle, I am prepared to advocate zealously and skillfully on your behalf before a judge and/or a jury if necessary.

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At McNeill Law Firm, your concerns and objectives will form the basis of whatever strategy we come up with together. Get the conversation underway by calling 817-381-9333 or sending an email inquiry through this website.

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