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Understanding custody evaluations and legal jargon

On Behalf of | Feb 1, 2022 | Child Custody And Co-Parenting, Divorce |

Determining what is best for children in a custody battle is a difficult task. In most situations, both parents are loving caregivers who share a close bond with their children. Unfortunately, there will often be a decrease in the amount of time kids get to spend with each parent.

Coping with these changes can seem impossible, but understanding the process can help you be better prepared for the potential challenges that lie ahead.

Terminology and jargon

While most people recognize the words custody and visitation, few people may be familiar with terms like managing conservatorship or possession and access. The words may be unfamiliar but the meanings are the same – a managing conservatorship is legal custody, possessory conservatorship is physical custody, and possession and access refers to visitation.

Preparation and documentation

It is rare that anyone looks forward to a tough legal battle, but it never hurts to prepare for anything that might come your way. Disagreements involving child custody issues can be especially contentious and emotionally charged. A custody evaluation is usually performed in contested cases. This may involve the evaluator conducting interviews, gathering financial information and obtaining copies of school records. A recommendation will get submitted to the court and, although the judge is not bound to uphold the recommended terms in the report, chances are high that the evaluator’s suggestions will influence the outcome.

It is important during this difficult time to keep your children’s best interests in mind and consider the importance of fostering a healthy relationship with both parents.