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Do courts in Texas favor the mother over the father?

On Behalf of | Jul 2, 2022 | Child Custody And Co-Parenting |

Concerns about whether the courts favor one parent over another can be troubling when you go through a divorce.

However, child custody laws in Texas aim to protect children’s best interests and do not make any assumptions based on either parent’s gender.

Encouraging relationships with both parents

Texas Family Code does not have bias and considers many aspects to determine custody arrangements, regardless of marital status or gender. Courts believe children should maintain a connection with both parents in most situations. They base their determinations on whether you and your spouse can provide a stable environment that meets your children’s needs.

Understanding custody decisions

Fathers have the same opportunities to get custody as mothers. Resolving what is in the best interests of your children includes looking at various aspects, such as:

  • Home stability
  • Access to necessities
  • Safe environment
  • Family relationships
  • Schooling and activities

Naming a primary conservator

Under Texas law, a judge begins with the assumption that both parents should be joint managing conservators. The courts then assess many components to decide if this is the ideal situation for your children. If a judge finds joint custody inappropriate, the primary conservator is typically the parent who has most often been in that role.

When you cannot agree on a custody arrangement with your partner, you have options through the judicial system. The court does not favor mothers or discriminate against fathers. Knowing your rights is vital to making your case and establishing a fair conservatorship that creates a positive, healthy environment for your children.