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Child custody and visitation are legally described as "possession and access" in Texas family law statutes. If you are the primary custodial parent, you may house or possess your children most of the time. If you are the parent who sees your children less often, they may visit you on weekends and some weeknights. The other parent is responsible for allowing you access to your children according to the custody and visitation order.

Each legal child custody arrangement may be unique. Your case may result in primary conservatorship (custody most of the time) or a secondary one. A judge may name both parents as joint managing conservators. As part of a divorce or a stand-alone custody case, specifics will be spelled out in a court order. A child support order is normally determined through application of a state formula. There may be reasons to ask a family law court to deviate from the formula.

Whatever your unique family circumstances, work with a family law attorney who will listen well and advocate skillfully for you. While terms of the custody order are being determined, this is your prime opportunity to push for your desired arrangements. Once the court issues a child custody order, the bar will be higher if you decide to push for a change.

No matter what your concerns and difficulties, I am confident that when you work with me, Anthony McNeill in Aledo (serving all of Parker County and west Fort Worth), you will experience the benefits of my:

  • Experience
  • Client-centered approach
  • Appreciation for the importance of parent-child bonds

What If The Other Parent Has A Completely Different Idea?

Helping you obtain a workable child custody and support order is the bottom line at McNeill Law Firm. If enforcement is an issue, talk to me and I can advise you on the best path forward given all the unique factors to consider in your family law case.

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I am eager to hear what your special challenges are. My goal as your lawyer will be to help you pursue and obtain the most advantageous custody and support order attainable in your Texas child custody and support case. Your children's best interests and your legal standing in the parenting plan are the primary concerns. I am prepared to fight for these principles on your behalf. Learn what else you need to know by calling 817-381-9333 or sending an email inquiry through this website. As you seek the help of a child support and custody attorney, I look forward to our initial consultation and more.

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